I was starting to feel so overwhelmed by my toddler I decided that it was time to get some outside help, i.e. a book on parenting. I’m happy to say that I’ve kept my head enough to remember that my toddler isn’t the one with the problem — I am — and I kept that in mind as I browsed for something that seemed useful. I settled on Raising Your Spirited Child by Kurcinka, and am now about halfway through it.

I couldn’t help but comment to my husband that it could also double as a great relationship book. Change a few nouns, and it could easily become, Managing Your Spirited Wife. A good example is:

“If you aren’t as sensitive as your [wife], your biggest challenge may be understanding her. To you, her reactions may seem to be oversensitive or superemotional. Be kind to your sensitive [wife]. Understand that [she] may feel what you do not feel, that [she] may hear what you do not hear, that [she] may see what you do not see. Invite [her] to share with you [her] experiences and enhance your own sensitivity.”

MUCH better than any relationship book that I’ve ever looked at.

Being a parent and being an authoritative husband are very similar: You are responsible for the well-being of a silly and irrational creature that doesn’t always communicate in a language that you’re going to understand. Either you figure out what’s going on and work with it, or you end up with a damaged and unhappy individual. Age doesn’t make any difference here.

Too bad most people don’t realize that, otherwise we’d have a lot more happy families.

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